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Custom Website Designing

We conceptualize, ideate and design your Website, integrate it with right technology to help you disseminate information and use it as a successful Sales & Marketing tool. In many instances, an organization's website is the first impression a potential customer has of the organization. Therefore the need to have a clean, organized site is crucial. We specialize in best-in-class website design services which help our clients achieve their business objectives. Based on a comprehensive understanding of our client's needs and expectations, we use creativity and technology to build a unique web presence for them Our highly capable multi-disciplinary team includes web strategists, information architects, web writers, graphic designers, user feedback researchers, and web developers. We consistently deliver websites with a combination of beauty and brains. Areas of Expertise

Here are a few of the types of websites that we develop:

  • Information-based Websites Developed with the purpose of marketing and information dissemination, these websites carry high-end graphical interfaces with content organized to best communicate the message through aesthetics and usability design.
  • eCommerce Websites Depending on the e-commerce needs of each client, a variety of online store services are offered. These range from simple product catalogs and shopping carts to incorporating features such as online payment, inventory management and order tracking.
  • Database Driven Websites Provides the client with the ability to dynamically deliver content, tailored to meet a specific user, user-type etc. Database driven websites are used to deliver information stored in a database such as customer information, sales related information or any other type of data.

Technical Skills

  • Web Design & Development
  • HTML DHML, XML,CSS JavaScript, Vbscript, ASP, PHP, PHP scripting
  • Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Image Ready, Adobe Live Motion
  • 2D/3D Flash movies, Quicktime web movies, Real Player web movies
  • Animation
  • Macromedia Flash, Adobe Live Motion, 2D animation, 3D Studio Max
  • Adobe Premier, After Effects, Ulead Video Studio, MGI Videowave for Video editing

Website Redesigning

Website re-designing can be a vital step toward success in your business. If you already have a web site, but it does not look as professional or visually appealing as you want, or it's not performing or effectively addressing your marketing needs as you would like, we can help you by re-design the entire website.

With a foresight toward Search Engine Marketing, we will evaluate each and every aspect of your current website to optimize the web pages, graphics, navigational objects and HTML code to ensure that you stay abreast with your competitors.

The look of your website can make or break you. Attention to detail and good design sense can go a long way and contrary to what someone may have told you, you do not need lots of bells and whistles to entertain your visitors.

A simple, well designed site is generally the winning combination. Who wants to wait 5 minutes for a Flash intro page to load? Music, flashing, animating graphics, up-and-down moving text. The sites that crash your browsers or require you to download plug-ins just to view them.. Its time you take a fresh look at your existing site.

You must ask the following queries to yourself if you have a website:

  • Does my website serve its purpose ?
  • Is it Professional Looking ?
  • Has my business objectives been taken care of ?
  • Is overdose of technology killing my web presence ?
  • I would like to have a site something like this...
  • Does my competitor has a better website than me ?
  • Is the website reaching the right audience ?
  • Is my content up-to-date and fresh ?
  • Is my site spidered my search engines ?
  • How come my site's listing is so poor on search engines ?
  • Is the site user friendly with ease of navigation ?
  • Are my pages fast loading ?

Here are a few of the aspects we will evaluate in your existing website for re-designing:

  • Overall Web Strategy
  • Functionality
  • Download Time
  • Hosting server location & Target Audiences
  • Ease of Navigation
  • Usefulness of Content
  • Overall Graphic Presentation
  • Graphical Objects Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization

Custom Web Designing

Non Flash Web Designing

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